The Tweakening

So, a few weeks ago, in an earlier post, I mentioned how this is running on a self-hosted machine.... If you're curious, here's how it's currently set up.

The Tweakening

So, a few weeks ago, in an earlier post, I mentioned how this is running on a self-hosted machine. I've been pushing and pulling and twisting and turning it until I've finally got it (fingers crossed) doing everything I want it to do, and nothing I don't. If you're curious, here's how it's currently set up.


A Raspberry Pi 4, with 8 GB of onboard RAM. This link takes you to an Amazon page where you can order it. They're selling the kit for $150, and it includes all the necessary hardware.

An external hard drive. I'm using a Western Digital EasyStore 5 TB drive. For most people, if they were just running a simple blog like this one, this would be horrifying overkill. I'm not convinced that it's not horrifying overkill for everything I'm running on it. But I'm not just running a simple Ghost blog.

What's running?

  1. This blog. A lot of people like Wordpress, and you could maybe set up a Wordpress blog. This is running on Ghost. I put it together largely relying on these instructions. The directions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow, for the most part. I made it much more difficult on myself than I really needed to, because I'm also running...
  2. An instance of Foundry VTT running under a completely different domain name. I love Foundry VTT. After the initial purchase of the license, I no longer have recurring subscription fees that you run into with some other options. And Foundry has a pretty robust group of people working on it, importing different rulesets and creating all kinds of extensions. I think that if I didn't have it running under a completely different domain name, my life and setup would have been much easier. Or if I had more of a backing in things like SSL certificates, Linux coding, etc. But that's up and running and has been solidly performing for me and my gaming group.
  3. My ebook library. Using Calibre and Calibre-Web I now have my ebook library up and available so that I can get to it anywhere. This is the newest, and last, thing I'm adding to this machine.

Ghost doesn't require much in the way of room. But I did need space for Foundry maps and data, and I've got a LOT of maps available. That many pictures do take up some room. And I've been collecting ebooks for over a decade (started with things in the Baen Free Library, and public domain books at and have just kept going), so I've got a rather extensive library there. Not a lot of skins available for Calibre-web, but the dark theme is pretty nice.

The last piece was a switch from Disqus comments to a self-hosted solution with commento, again following directions from micronetia, though depending on when you want to give this a shot, you may not need to, as the owner is planning on folding commento into the initial image and instructions.

It's taken a little while to get things up and running, and I'm very happy with the results. The only other thing I'm considering adding to this little Frankenstein monster of internet goodness is an RSS aggregator like FreshRSS or Tiny Tiny RSS, which will let me pull feeds in and collect them in one place and maybe sync with an app on my phone like Reeder.

We'll see if I can get that up. Then I'll be done. Until the next shiny thing comes along... 😄